Internet Money Maker: Direct Selling, Affiliate, Arbitrage and Pay Click

One day, I was really wonder when I heard my friend quit his job. How's he gonna live? Just until 1-2 months ago, I knew how he's got his income. It's from GOOGLE! He rely on Google for everyday eat. He's making around 2000 USD per month. It's a big money for people who live in Bali.

I've read some articles about making money online. I actually tried some of them. But nothing I've tried made me rich. I didn't put a lot of efforts to it either. Let's do some brainstorms!

Some famous "techniques" of internet money machine (that I tried) are direct selling, affiliate, arbitrage and pay per click.

Direct Selling
Same as it's in real world, what you gonna sell? It has got to be something unique, which market demands them, and ability to be delivered using internet. This is 3 must requirements! I've been thinking every single night to meet these 3 requirements but still couldn't find one yet. Check out this website fiverr.

This techniques is like multi level marketing in real world. You have down and up line. Basically, you've got commission from selling stuffs. I've joint some products mostly books about this and that. The best is of course Amazon. They have huge number of products. You can choose the right product for the right market. It's really easy to say really. Famous product means large competitors. No competitors mean no one buying the products. So what do you do? Let's forget it for now.. argghhh..

Another one, we could write some books about some interesting things. Sell it under multi level marketing or direct selling. I might fool 1 or 2 people to buy my books, but they won't tell their friends or buy another of my books. Because I'm not a good writer!

Only in the internet you can do this. There's 2 type arbitrages that I've tried: forex arbitrage and sport arbitrage. Forex arbitrage is like you have 10 money changers side by side. You make profit from the difference rate of buy and sell between money changers. Same thing happen with sport arbitrage. Profit is from the difference betting rate of team A and team B between dealers. It seems so easy right? In fact, arbitrage happens so fast. As soon as people knows, people will start buying or selling, it will balance. Arbitrage normally happens in small infamous dealers and the profit / arbitrage is really small: 1-2% in most of the time. When I did my research, we need to open more than 50 accounts in 50 dealers. We, of course, have to put a lot of money to the account before we can buy or sell. To profit $10, we have to put $1000 in each account. Lets say dealer A buy $1000, dealer B sell $1000. There's 0% losing, BUT some chances that the dealer will take away your money and run. Let's forget this forever..

Pay per Click (PPC)
We got paid when people click the ads on our website. There are number of ad providers. Some that I've tried: adbrite, black label and google adsense. Let's think about this. Pay per click is useless when the ads come out in a different topic web page. People will just click it for fun. More likely there won't be any sales from the ads.

When company joins the ppc provider, they will be asked for keywords. These keywords will be used for putting the ads to the right page. The provider will scan the web page and decide which ads should go to this page. We all know, this is what google do best. Google seems to be able to read web page nearly as how human read it. Other provider.. hmmm.. not really sure.

This is why some companies willing to pay a lot for their ppc with google. Google can bring them to the right market and show the ads. Simply, the companies are making money from their ads at google. Keyword such as buying auto insurance online is cost USD $50 per click! I'm in indonesia, if I googling with that keyword, I wont see any ads that I can click. Google way! I don't think company willing to pay such amount to other ppc provider.

As for us, let's use google as our ppc for sure. The most difficult part is putting our website to the top search. Google always updating their search algorithm to make sure their search result correctly so that the company putting the ads actually making some sales from them. Methods which are used some years back, are now useless. How's the keyword density in title, meta tag, body, building links, using some html tags, etc, etc are now becoming less important. As more and more people abusing that techniques, google finds other way to give better result. More proper website. I think google is more interacting with the user directly. I notice different search result when using different computer. customization? really? WOW.. think the impossible..


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One day, I was really wonder when I heard my friend quit his job. How's he gonna live? Just until 1-2 months ago, I knew how he's got his income. Perijinan Paspor di Yogyakarta

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