Beware of phone scam sht in Indonesia

I've nearly been a victim of phone scam JUST NOW. fak!. Nearly twice this single month. These thief are around and doing their phone scamming more and more often.

First attempt was when I wanted to sell my car. I put advertisements on some papers. I put on saturday and sunday. And then the next saturday sunday. I think in my second or third week of advertisements this guy texted me saying that he was from the newspaper company named Bali Post and a doctor from Jakarta interested in buying the car and asked me to call that doctor.

So I called the doctor. The doctor said he would be in Bali in the next 2 weeks and needed to settle some things as well as car. He did some negotiations with the price. Everything seemed so right until he said he was going to transfer me a 5 million deposit without even looked at the car. I started to wonder. But what the hack, I gave him my bank account number.

An hour later, he called me and told me that he transfered the deposit and asked me to check. I checked using internet banking.. nothing. He insisted me to go to ATM machine to made a complain together. He was worried about his money being lost. This time I knew that this was a fakn scam. A friend of mine was a victim of this ATM phone scam. He was told to press some numbers in the ATM which later he found out that his money gone being transfered to someone.

The second scam which just happened this morning. A guy called me yesterday to made an order of some plywoods. FYI: I am selling building materials. He asked to delivered the order tomorrow and he was ready to made some deposits. Same story repeated.

Some says when you go to ATM, you'll somehow follow his instruction. It's like being hypnotized. Really? I'd love to try some times. But I need to move my money to my wife account before that. Just in case I'm hypnotized. kakaka.


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