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WTF is Crossfit !?

It's about a year now since my first class in crossfit. And it's still as exciting as day one! maybe more! amazinggg.

Crossfit is considerably new to bali gym market, even till now, about 4 years after the 1st crossfit box opened here, most gym addict has no clue about it.Everytime I was asked what is crossfit, I hardly can explain it, because I don't really know it myself! After reading some crossfit journal, I got a better understanding what I've been doing every morning. Please note that I am not an athlete, just an ordinary 40 years old guy who wants to be always fit.

So what the fak is crossfit? my definition of crossfit is a sport that makes me to another level of fitness. What do I mean by another level of fitness then? I used to run, cycle, swim, cardio classes. I was at first level of fitness (just my terminology). I was good of what I trained. But what about things or tasks that I don't normally train? I just couldn't do well in any other exercises. …

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